Take the 30 day challenge!

Eating a plant-based diet can have a powerfully positive impact on animals, humans, and the environment. Try eating plant-based for 30 days using the free resources at Veganuary!

Local and Virtual Events

ARCPDX Veganuary Virtual Yoga Flow

When: Sunday, January 9th, 5pm
Where: Online

Veganuary Interactive Cooking Series

When: Sunday, January 16th, 23rd, and 30th, 5pm
Where: Online

Veganuary Vegan Social by ARCPDX & The Social Vegan PDX

When: Wednesday, January 29th, 12pm-2pm
Where: Hail Snail – 6550 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217

Plant-Based Restaurants in Portland

Portland has some of the best plant-based restaurants in the world! You can find everything from smoothies and salads to pizza and burgers. Several restaurants are offering plant-based specials for Veganuary.

Learn About Animal Rights

Farmed animals like cows, chickens, and pigs have personalities, emotions, and relationships just like cats and dogs. So why do we arbitrarily treat some with kindness and compassion and others with violence and cruelty? This moral inconsistency reveals the need to extend the concept of personhood beyond our species.


Already Vegan? Help Promote Veganuary!

Do you have friends or family that may be interested in trying out a plant-based diet? This is your opportunity to share your story of how and why you went vegan, and invite others to try it out. Join the cause by making a post on your social media page using the hashtag #veganuarypdx and graphics linked below!