Green Acres Farm Sanctuary

“The mission of Green Acres Farm Sanctuary is the prevention of cruelty to, and the commercialization of animals, especially farmed animals. We put this mission into action by providing shelter, care and board to abused, abandoned, and unwanted farm animals. We look to inspire change through creating a place where members of the public can have positive interaction with farm animals by providing for their care and the animals can, in turn, educate them about the abusive use of farmed animals.”

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary

“Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and, when appropriate, rehoming of abused and neglected farmed animals.”

Out To Pasture Sanctuary

“Out to Pasture Sanctuary is a farmed animal sanctuary located in Estacada, Oregon. We provide a loving, permanent home to animals rescued from abuse, neglect, and slaughter, including farmed animals, animals rescued from scientific laboratories, and others.”

Veganville Animal Sanctuary

“Veganville allows volunteers and visitors to help out with projects and get introduced to our rescued animals as an opportunity to learn about the modern day agribusiness and its effects on the animals, our health as humans and the impact on our environment.”

Wildwood Farm Sanctuary

“Located on 98 acres in Newberg Oregon, Wildwood Farm Sanctuary is a haven for farm animals and wildlife alike. We provide lifelong refuge and rehabilitation for abused and abandoned farm animals while lovingly protecting the property’s native plants, wetlands, woodlands, and wild animals.”

Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary

“The Zeb’s Wish Mission is to rescue and rehabilitate special needs equines, conduct equine assisted learning and therapeutic activities, and heal humans and equines alike.”