On World Day for Laboratory Animals, Animal Rights Collective Portland (ARCPDX) activists came together to bring to light the violence happening right in our backyards. At the Oregon National Primate Research Center, funded by millions of taxpayer money, unnecessary and cruel experiments are inflicted on over 5000 nonhuman primates, including a variety of macaques (Rhesus, Japanese, and Cynomolgus) as well as baboons and squirrel monkeys.
This OHSU facility is a front for medieval torture. Greed and pain behind a façade of science and advancement. Inflicting maladies and suffering of physical and psychological nature to over 5000 sentient beings. Ripping babies from mothers, performing procedures while fully conscious, poisoning, starving, assaulting, torturing in every way imaginable, and more.

Out of a list of primate torture facilities, the ONPRC manages to consistently be the worst and cruelest.
And it’s an incredible waste of taxpayer (OUR!) money and resources:

  • $2.4 million in a federal grant to advance alcoholism research – ”…chronic drinking may increase the morbidity of covid-19”
  • $5.2 million for flawed experiments in tormenting infant macaques
  • 10’s of millions of dollars annually

Contact your representatives and say you don’t want your tax dollars going to fund cruel and useless animal torture facilities and schools like OHSU.

It’s not science. It’s violence.

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